I don’t care how IMPOSSIBLE or how BIG and HARD TO ACHIEVE your dream is. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Trust me, in this world you’ve to prove nothing to nobody except yourself. There are gonna be people who would want to pull you down and stop you from doing your thing. They’re gonna stick a finger on your face and tell you “You’re no good”. Then you’re gonna self-pity yourself. You’d feel lost. Lost so much to think that your life is vicious, until you start believing yourself. Learn to stand up inside yourself rather than affirming the talks. Learn to tackle the obstacles that might come your way. I tell you that your life is in your hands no matter where are you now and what has happened in your life. You can consciously began to map your reality because every time you’re feeling low you have a choice – “Am I going to slip down in complete state of dejection and depression?” or “Am I going to strive hard to make things better for me so that I don’t debate in the future that I had a choice to make a difference in my life?”

Say it’s my destiny. Nobody else sees it for me? I’m gonna see it and make it done for myself. Never give up, for this is your battle. You’re never gonna be defeated what they say about you. It is what YOU say about YOU that brightens your destiny. And Be Awesome. Be Unique. Be Different. Because DIFFERENT doesn’t mean WRONG.

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Humans are born to scare each other

All the “Characters” used here are fictitious.

More than the Conjuring 2 could offer me all the scares and spine chilling threats it has got, I need to set this clear that the main reason to get me freaked out and get me shaken and broken not physically but mentally is Mr.Pretentious. Not because he looks perfect, (hello! Nobody’s Perfect:) just because he gets good grades in his exams (Sigh. Who would want to give a damn about them grades.)

The pain my head and my mind gets through Conjuring 2 or The Mirrors is inexcusable but forgettable. I can easily get that off my mind but what about the “Pretentious Perfection” that the guy serves people out there? Lets step into reality. I’m writing this to make you all aware of the “Real Battlefield”. I mean you don’t have to have the same talent like Everybody else. Not like everybody you’ve to flow with the flow. You can even jump out of the water, get yourself the finest Cruise to get through the ocean! Don’t get effed up by the Perfect grades or the cute smiles them beauties or beautiful guys give. Get determined and Focus on what’s really gonna make your Life authentic. Don’t grow in numbers. Grow your Spirit. Just stop before making Decisions to ask yourself whether you’re gonna be happy with what you’re going to be doing right now? If there’s a Yes from within. Who on earth is stopping YOU?

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Life is indeed a matter of choices I proclaim. Not because I’ve known it. It’s because I’ve experienced it. Stop boxing yourself in the prison other people make for you. Start locking people into the prisons they’ve made for you. And know your worth before EVERYTHING else. Here’s a poem by my school friend Vibhor Badri who has extra ordinary poetic skills. Through his poem he’d justify what I’ve just said. 🙂



I woke up and thought of you and wonder what you are up to
Took my phone and read loads of mail and greetings too
I opened my Facebook and checked my wall
Friends leaving random sweet messages and all

I got the cake I desired and it does taste really good
Bought the wine and toast and cheers ring in the party mood
I got a solid gift, the one perfect and sumptuous treat
The meal was awesome and day was a big feat

Friends and family started to leave and I thought where the hell are you?
Maybe he did forget, or got me something good and awesomely new
I hope and hope for you to come, or just a ring would make me smile
Even a mail or text would do, anything from you will get me a thousand mile :’)

But YOU broke my heart cause there’s nothing, not even a single “Hi”
You did forget what day was today, you made the perfect day turn to a pity lie

The next day, I got my ‘so-called gift’ — your wedding card
I gulped down a saliva ball and trust me, it was hard.
I trembled with an uncanny fear
Because I realized that the person I loved was no more near.

The only thing I did then was cry, cry and cry
I made up my mind that today was the best day to die.

Suddenly, a godly voice, whispered
Was this the reason why you were born??
With an exasperated look and scorn.

Then, the wisdom in me, woke
and I made it concrete, that life isn’t a joke.
Then, rose within me, a new dawn
And I resolved to move on.

Today after 7 years, I have a caring hubby, two kids and a happy family
My life has become a lucid pond and me, a bloomed lily
And whenever I remember that day, I sing, dance-n-prance
Being glad that I GAVE LIFE and LIFE gave me a SECOND CHANCE

-Vibhor Badri

Have you heard about Karma? What you give is what you get. Not from the same person always, you might get it from somebody else. But You always get what you deserve.

So spread love not hate. For that is what you’ll get in return 🙂

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Motivational Preaching

How undeniable is it when I say you don’t Love Yourself 😉

First things first I’d like to clarify that your worth is more than that of the finest amber or the purest Gold. This thing should be acceptable to you and if you condemn this statement, then it’s only because you’ve got Lack of Faith in Yourself.

But let me tell you one thing here. There’s no Goal big enough that you can’t grab hold of. It’s all inside of you if you don’t pay heed to the predictions other people throw at you. The people who try to convince you into doing something that they predict is for your good, the people who try to map your fate and decide what you shall be doing or becoming, toss them behind you.


You just have to have the drive, the courage and the push that’d be needed to slap all the haters inside your head and say I got this tonight.

It’s important to have a strong dislike toward your haters inside your head rather than BLAMING YOURSELF for not living up to THEIR EXPECTATIONS. 🙂 The best part is that if you’ve haters, it clearly means that you’re on the way to your heart’s desire. The reason behind their hatred is that they know you’ve come here to dispossess them. 🙂 GREAT. Don’t obey them. Don’t vie with them. Don’t use their vocabulary and not even the words they use. Cut them off like they don’t even exist. Distance yourself from the impotent critics and start Loving/ Accepting YOURSELF. ❤ Say I’m worth it and I’m not gonna let anything in this whole wide world destroy my Opportunity and my Metamorphosis. And BE AWESOME. Because there’s no one out there who can BE YOU. 🙂