I don’t care how “IMPOSSIBLE” or how BIG and HARD TO ACHIEVE your dream is. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Trust me, in this world you’ve to prove nothing to nobody except yourself. There are gonna be people who would want to pull you down and stop you from doing your thing. They’re gonna stick a finger on your face and tell you “You’re no good”. Then you’re gonna self-pity yourself. You’d feel lost. Lost so much to think that your life is vicious, until you start believing yourself. Learn to stand up inside yourself rather than affirming the talks. Learn to tackle the obstacles that might come your way. I tell you that your life is in your hands no matter where are you now and what has happened in your life. You can consciously began to map your reality because every time you’re feeling low you have a choice – “Am I going to slip down in complete state of dejection and depression?” or “Am I going to strive hard to make things better for me so that I don’t debate in the future that I had a choice to make a difference in my life?”

Say it’s my destiny. Nobody else sees it for me? I’m gonna see it and make it done for myself. Never give up, for this is your battle. You’re never gonna be defeated what they say about you. It is what YOU say about YOU that brightens your destiny. And Be Awesome. Be Unique. Be Different. Because DIFFERENT doesn’t mean WRONG.

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Bye ! Have a nice day and Stay Positive.


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