Humans are born to scare each other

All the “Characters” used here are fictitious.

More than the Conjuring 2 could offer me all the scares and spine chilling threats it has got, I need to set this clear that the main reason to get me freaked out and get me shaken and broken not physically but mentally is Mr.Pretentious. Not because he looks perfect, (hello! Nobody’s Perfect:) just because he gets good grades in his exams (Sigh. Who would want to give a damn about them grades.)

The pain my head and my mind gets through Conjuring 2 or The Mirrors is inexcusable but forgettable. I can easily get that off my mind but what about the “Pretentious Perfection” that the guy serves people out there? Lets step into reality. I’m writing this to make you all aware of the “Real Battlefield”. I mean you don’t have to have the same talent like Everybody else. Not like everybody you’ve to flow with the flow. You can even jump out of the water, get yourself the finest Cruise to get through the ocean! Don’t get effed up by the Perfect grades or the cute smiles them beauties or beautiful guys give. Get determined and Focus on what’s really gonna make your Life authentic. Don’t grow in numbers. Grow your Spirit. Just stop before making Decisions to ask yourself whether you’re gonna be happy with what you’re going to be doing right now? If there’s a Yes from within. Who on earth is stopping YOU?

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Bye ! Have a nice day and Stay Positive.


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