Motivational Preaching

How undeniable is it when I say you Love Yourself 😉

First things first I’d like to clarify that your worth is more than that of the finest amber or the purest Gold. This thing should be acceptable to you and if you condemn this statement, then it’s only because you’ve got Lack of Faith in Yourself.

But let me tell you one thing here. There’s no Goal big enough that you can’t grab hold of. It’s all inside of you if you don’t pay heed to the predictions other people throw at you. The people who try to convince you into doing something that they predict is for your good, the people who try to map your fate and decide what you shall be doing or becoming, toss them behind you.


You just have to have the drive, the courage and the push that’d be needed to slap all the haters inside your head and say I got this tonight.

It’s important to have a strong dislike toward your haters inside your head rather than BLAMING YOURSELF for not living up to THEIR EXPECTATIONS. 🙂 The best part is that if you’ve haters, it clearly means that you’re on the way to your heart’s desire. The reason behind their hatred is that they know you’ve come here to dispossess them. 🙂 GREAT. Don’t obey them. Don’t vie with them. Don’t use their vocabulary and not even the words they use. Cut them off like they don’t even exist. Distance yourself from the impotent critics and start Loving/ Accepting YOURSELF. ❤ Say I’m worth it and I’m not gonna let anything in this whole wide world destroy my Opportunity and my Metamorphosis. And BE AWESOME. Because there’s no one out there who can BE YOU. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Motivational Preaching

  1. I won’t comment on motivation because it’s awesome. But what’s more worthy of being appreciated is that the maturity of the words! It has a class, a touch of a really fine writer! Do always keep writing! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you admired it. 😊 How perfectly you defined how you felt. So sweet of you. Watch this space for more and stay tuned. Stay blessed ☺


  2. So powerful!! This is something I’ve had to learn over time. I’ve had to learn to let people hate. But most importantly focus on God it’s so much better that way. I had to get away from negative things .Thank u so much for sharing this!

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